★Guidance of deals party menu@Night Fire★

 Mori, the owner of club Night Fire, remembered growing up and watching his mother. She was often seen cooking in the kitchen making delicious meals for his family. He loved cooking also and became a Persian Chef himself. Since many of our customers have given very positive feedback for Chef Mori, we decided to showcase a fabulous 5 Course Persian meal for parties of 10 or more people. Chef Mori’s very best recipes are featured for a special price. This is a chance to try some of the very best in Persian Cuisine.
Here are the details:
A 5 Course Persian meal prepared by Mori.
For groups only (parties of 10 or more)
• 3,500 Yen per person
• Persian salad
• Persian stew
• Lamb kebab
• Masterpieces of Persian food Gorumesabuji and Sunfranrice
• 2 drinks. (alcohol or/and non-alcohol)

If the party is for a special celebration, we include a luxurious
Bouquet (5,000 to 10,000 Yen value) as a gift from Night Fire! ( free of charge)
Please contact us for reservations or any questions. Please understand we cannot accommodate on days that club events are scheduled.





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