12/28(Sat) Yokohama SALSA Bar Gaitomo International Party / 100people

This is Gaitomo original International party in Yokohama!! Feel the international atmosphere.

Gaitomo party is talking main party in a stylish venue. Not loud music, Not like a club, Let’s enjoy the Gaitomo party in Yokohama!! The venue is Night FIRE which is Salsa bar restaurant. You can absolutely enjoy it!! Around 100 people are expected to attend the party with Japanese circle. Many Japanese and non-Japanese will be participating.

We recommend parties to those who enjoy talking to Japanese people. There are many Japanese who want to talk with foreigners. If you’re learning Japanese, it’s a very good opportunity to try to talk. Also, you can make new friends and find language exchange partners in this International Party.

(Participants have a variety of English levels. Not all Participants can speak fluent English.)


Day&Time : 2013 Dec 28 (Sat) 7:00pm~10:30pm (You can stay on after party)
Place : Yokohama Koganecho Night FIRE
Address : Sueyoshi Shopping Center 2F, 4-75 Sueyoshi-cho, Naka-ku,Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Train : 3 min walk from Koganecho Station/Keihin line
MAP : http://goo.gl/maps/MKUL9

Food : All you can eat until everything is gone
Drink : Cash Bar (personal alcohol prohibited)

Price :
Japanese Man:2,000yen
Japanese Woman : 1,500yen
※Only Japanese=No Reservation/+500yen from above
※Foreigners need to show something to prove that you are foreigner to receptionist.
(Reservation not nessesally if you are non-Japanese but recommended for food)

Reserve : Reservation available before 2hours.
You can also reserve via Email to: (info@gaitomo.com).

【Dress code】
We don’t have a dress code.

【Age group】
Mainly 20’s and 30’s, around 100 people

Freestyle / Standing-style
Separation of smoking areas
Accepted way entrance and exit
Luggage available
Stamp : We will give you 1stamp this time. 2stamps when rain.

(Refuse : Solicitation and participation of various prohibited for sale)




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